I Am Not Color Blind

spiritual growth Sep 08, 2019

My love of people has led me to this topic. I believe my love for people gives me the authority to speak on this topic. So let’s do it. Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. 

I am not color blind.

I see your color. I see your dark cocoa skin. I see your freckles. I see your pale ivory skin, your red hair, your freckles. I see your caramel skin and blue eyes. You’re a little of your momma. A little of your daddy. Some of your grand-momma peeking out there too. You’ve got a little of each of them but you’re your own unique person. I see you, child of God. I see you. And I’m not looking away. I’m not going to pretend I don’t see your color. 

I’m celebrating your color. I’m celebrating your braids. Your fro. Your curls. Your dark eyes. Your bright eyes. Your eyes full of vision for a better tomorrow. I’m celebrating who you are as a creation of the Creator. 

Unity does not equal uniformity. I can love you and be in unity with you while celebrating our differences. 

Once upon a time, maybe a decade ago, I would have gleefully hopped on the “I don’t see color”, “I’m colorblind and so is God” bandwagon. And listen, I’m not knocking anyone who has said this. I believe many people mean well and they hate racism as much as I do, but I’m just not so sure “color blindness” in regards to race is the solution. 

If someone says they’re color blind they probably mean it as a way to say, I treat all people the same, regardless of their color. But I think what people of color are wondering, “Why do you need to pretend we’re the ‘same’ in order to treat me with respect? Can’t you acknowledge my color (because I know you see my dark skin with your eyes) and still consider me an equal and a human being worthy of respect?”

Side note: Recently someone told me that their basis for this statement, “I am color blind” goes back to Galatians 3:28 where scripture states, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

I hear you. I use this verse also very often in my fight for gender equality. I see what you’re trying to say but I think there’s some holes in this argument. For example we don’t hear folks running around talking about “I am gender blind”. Nah, you don’t hear that one do ya. I know I haven’t.

I like to think of God as an artist. 

Can’t you imagine it with me? I mean I wonder how much thought God puts into every human He creates. I wonder how He decided which beautiful shade of hair He should give you… I wonder what He was saying to the angels as He decided to make my youngest child’s hair blonde and curly in a family full of dark haired people. LOL. I wonder if He chuckled and winked as he made up His mind.

Hello, you glorious human being, you. I want you to know that I see you in spirit, but I also see you in the natural. I see your kind deeds and loving heart, but I also see your dark chocolate skin. I see your pale ivory skin. I see your caramel skin and light freckles. I see all your colors and hues, and I think you’re beautiful. I think our Daddy is a great artist and I’m proud to call you my family.

Amber Picota

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