I’m Releasing A Fresh Prophetic Anointing!

anointing prophetic insight spiritual growth Jul 13, 2016

Once more Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. -Mark 8:25

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying I am releasing a fresh prophetic anointing for those who are hungry. I am opening up the eyes of those who ask Me. I am pouring out My Spirit on My sons and daughters and they will prophesy. They will declare that which the Lord is doing. For in this season many have been experiencing attacks from the enemy. Some have felt confusion, fatigue, and the effects of witchcraft. But the Lord says it is broken right now in Jesus name! I am giving you a clear vision of what is to come. Where you have not seen you will see. Where you were confused about things to come you will know and move in faith. I am restoring that which once flowed with interest!

I am releasing a fresh breath upon you today!

I am releasing a pure divine flow from the Throne Room. It shall flow to you and through you says the Lord. The accuracy will amaze everyone. I am speaking about the specifics. I will reveal the most intimate details about the lives of those you love. You will see people differently. You will see them through the eyes of Jesus. For I am bringing a shift and a change. Even as you prophesy over unsaved individuals they will fall on their knees and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ!

It is time for your mail to be read!

In this season I must have a prophetic people who will be quick to obey. They must be quick to speak that which I am showing. They must be my mouth piece. They must be set apart for My purposes. It cannot be contaminated with the things of the flesh. Even as the words leave the mouth of my prophetic ones it shall manifest. Even as you prophesy the anointing will be tangible and the weight of My glory will rest heavily upon those who receive. My glory will permeate their lives and a result they will never be the same.

I am releasing a prophetic glory upon My church.

The Lord shows me that the flow from heaven will carry an authority that has yet to be experienced in the earth. Even as you prophesy the political climate shall change to honor Me. Even in America I am raising up a new prophetic sound. This sound will blast throughout the land like a trumpet and it will cripple the darkness that has tried to cover the land.

Prophetic Act

I know you feel that blessed anointing as you read this. Put your hands over your eyes and receive a fresh impartation of the prophetic anointing in Jesus name! As you do you will feel the anointing. May you see clearly through the eyes of Jesus!

In His love,

Rene Picota

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