May Is Your Defining Moment

prophecy Apr 24, 2020

I hear God saying, "May is your defining moment. There will be an encounter with Him that will change everything. As you continue to press through the opposition and break the chains that have limited you for so long, you will find the grace to breakthrough." 

I will give you supernatural strength to rise up again and answer the call of God on your life. I never said that you could give up. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your ministry. Fight for your church. I am fighting with you and as you go forth I go forth within you. Through your life others will see My glory as I do the impossible and the miraculous. There will be no denying it was Me."

The things that are out of order will be brought back into divine alignment for you. Even the things that you did that were shameful and are sinful are being cleansed from your life through the blood of Christ. Where sin abounds grace abounds even more! 

What you focus on in this season will be exactly what you get. What you say will be what you get. Proverbs reminds us that we are snared by the words of our mouth and that death and life are in the power of our tongue. We choose today to speak life over ourselves, our loved ones, and our situations. 

"I am putting fresh fire on the inside of you. I am awakening you our of your slumber. Wake up! It's your moment of divine destiny. It's your time. 

It's time to deal with the anxiety. God has't given you a spirit of fear. He has given you a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. He is giving you peace that surpasses all understanding right now. Breakthrough is coming. Things are going to get better and better for you! 

"I am moving upon the nations and raising up revivalists. Many nations and will experience a move of God that will bring glory to My name! Get ready for those revivalists to rise up in My name and in My power and set the captives free and open the eyes of the blind. They will proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom."

I see God removing the drug routes in the USA and the cartels in Mexico being dissolved. Expect the opioid crisis to come to a halt says the Lord! I also see the hand of the Lord upon the entertainment industry. I see celebrities and people of great influence being exposed and the end of human sex trafficking rings all over the country. 

I see Covid19 coming to an end. Things won't go back to normal or the way things have been. "I am doing something new," says the Lord! God will get the glory for it. Expect to hear from the White House "God is the one who did it!" I see a shift in the political arena and both parties working together. I see maturity on both sides as God sends help behind closed doors.

Even around the 5th of May, I see a major shift. I see God exposing traps and individuals that were meant to harm you. "I will remove the wrong people out and shift the right people in. It's a time to prove your faithfulness. As you are faithful with the little I will give you more." 

Financial provision is coming. I see the Angel of Finance visiting your home and your bank account and miracles taking place. Expect credits, refunds, checks in the mail, deposits, business opportunities, jobs, better jobs, promotions, and raises! Increase is coming to you and the delays will be no more! 

Prophetic Declaration

I know you feel the anointing as you read this powerful prophetic word. This word is going to change your life. Move in faith today with a supernatural seed of $5, $25, $55, $150, $500, $5,000 or your best seed ending in 5 for this powerful prophetic word for the month of May. You can't buy a miracle. But there is power in partnership and you can partner with the divine flow and anointing God is releasing through this Word. Great will be your harvest of supernatural breakthrough in your life because of your obedience to what God asks you to sow right now. 



In His love, 

Rene Picota

Empower for Life

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