Prophetic Word for April 2024

Mar 22, 2024

I hear the Spirit of the Lord as it thunders through the heavens and resonates in the depths of your souls. As the wild fires rage in Virginia, know that they are not mere flames of destruction but symbols of a greater outpouring, a divine inferno of Pentecostal power about to descend upon this land.

Just as the wildfires sweep through the forests, cleansing and purifying all in their path, so too shall the fires of Pentecost sweep through your hearts and minds, burning away all impurities and setting ablaze a fervent passion for the Lord. The crackling flames herald a new move of the Spirit, a revival so mighty that it will leave no soul untouched.

In the midst of chaos and devastation, see the hand of God moving with purpose and precision. The winds that fan the flames carry whispers of prophecy, foretelling a season of unprecedented spiritual growth and revelation. The ashes left in the wake of destruction are but fertile ground for new life to spring forth, for beauty to rise from the ashes.

As you witness nature’s fiery dance, remember that you are on the brink of something miraculous. Just as Pentecost brought tongues of fire and a rushing wind to ignite the hearts of believers, so too shall this new move of the Spirit ignite a flame within you that cannot be quenched. Prepare your hearts, for what is coming is beyond your wildest dreams.

The fires in Virginia are not a sign of despair but a harbinger of hope. They signal a time of refreshing, a time when God’s glory will be revealed in ways unimaginable. Embrace this moment with faith and expectation, for what awaits you is nothing short of divine intervention.

Open your hearts to receive the blessings that God is about to pour out upon you. Just as man does not live by bread alone but by every word from God’s mouth, so shall you be sustained by His promises during this season.

Financial breakthroughs are on the horizon, prosperity is knocking at your door. The presence of the Lord will saturate every aspect of your life, bringing abundance where there was lack, healing where there was brokenness, and joy where there was sorrow. It is your season of superabundance.

Prepare yourselves for an overflow of blessings beyond measure. As you align your heart with God’s will and purpose for your life, watch as doors swing open before you and opportunities abound. This is not just a season; it is a divine appointment with destiny.

Prophetic Declaration 

What a powerful prophetic word! I know you can feel that blessed anointing as you read this word. God is going to amazing things in the month of April 2024. Matthew 4:4 declares, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds. out of the mouth of God." God is about to blessed you financially. His presence is about to touch every area of your life. It's your season of superabundance! Move in faith with a seed of $40, $44, $400, $140, $4,000 fo the Gospel and for the month of April. I would do it now and as you do expect an accelerated harvest to come to you. I would do it now before the enemy talks you out of it! 


In His love, 

Rene Picota

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