Prophetic Word for August 2020

prophetic word Jul 28, 2020

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, "August will be a month of tremendous breakthrough for you! The limitations and the delays that have plagued your life for the last two years are about to be lifted. The mountains that are before you will melt before My fiery presence. As you draw near to Me in this season, I will draw you even deeper to My heart and whisper to you the mysteries of My ways and My glory. I will show you how I move. You will learn the patterns and the synchronization between what is on My heart and what I am doing in the earth through you."

"I am opening up new doors for you in this season. The doors that open will be of Me and you will know because your past will not be brought up any longer. Your mistakes will not haunt you anymore. Your mistakes are forgiven and forgotten. I am calling you to move on and move forward. Let go of those people who have held you back. Let them go by the power of My name. They will no longer control you. I am calling you to the new people and the new connections for My Kingdom and for your life. I will divinely connect you and place you where I want you and you will blossom where I will establish you and bring glory to My name."

"I am sustaining the financial breakthrough that began last month. I will carry you through and you won't lack a single thing. Financial angels are working even now. I will take you higher and higher into My glory and finance the Gospel of the Kingdom that is at work through you. You won't lack a single thing and neither shall your loved ones. I will expose the people who are coming against your finances and stealing from you."

"Expect a major shift around August 16, 2020. This will be a positive shift. The stress around things will suddenly disappear and you will have relief. You will be able to relax and not worry about the things that have kept you up at night. I am defeating the fear in your life and securing you in My love. Abide in My presence and you will renew your minds and new words from the Spirit will flow out of your mouth and create the future you desire."

Prophetic Declaration

What a powerful prophetic word for August 2020. It's your season of new beginnings! I know you felt that powerful anointing and sense of expectation as you read it! Great things are on their way! Move in faith today with a seed of $88, $888, $48, or your best seed ending in 8 for the month of August for the Gospel. As you sow, expect a major things to happen in your life. A harvest awaits you in August. Plant a seed and seize the harvest that God has prepared for those who obey His voice and walk in His ways. I would sow right now while the anointing is flow so powerfully and prophetically... 


In His love, 

Rene Picota

Empower for Life

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