The Angel of Resurrection

Dec 28, 2023

The Lord began to show me that many attached to this ministry are seeking hope and revival in their lives. The Lord has revealed to me that an angel of resurrection has been dispatched to breathe new life into the lifeless areas of our lives. This prophetic word is a call to faith, hope, and awe as we witness the power of God’s supernatural touch.

As the angel of resurrection begins its work, I saw marriages and broken relationships restored. Couples, once filled with bitterness and resentment, found themselves rekindling their love and commitment to one another. The Lord’s voice echoed in their hearts, guiding them towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

In the midst of financial turmoil, the angel of resurrection will bring hope and provision. Emergency funds are about to be released, saving houses and cars from the brink of collapse. Debts will be paid in full. The Lord’s voice spoke peace and assurance into the hearts of those in need, reminding them of His faithfulness and provision.

As the angel of resurrection continues its work, the Lord touches those on the brink of suicide. The presence of God filled their hearts, giving them a renewed sense of purpose and hope. The voice of the Lord spoke directly to their souls, assuring them of His unwavering love and the eternal nature of their salvation.

There is no doubt that heaven is actively involved in these supernatural encounters. The presence of God, coupled with the angel of resurrection, will bring forth a wave of miracles and divine interventions. As believers in Jesus Christ, we can trust that the Lord is working in our lives, even when we cannot see or understand the process.

Angels are mentioned throughout the Bible as ministering to humans (e.g., Genesis 16:7-12, Acts 8:26-40). These heavenly beings serve as God’s messengers, carrying out His will and delivering His messages to those in need. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the numerous accounts of healing and miracles in the Bible, serve as a testament to the power of God’s supernatural intervention in our lives.

As we witness the angel of resurrection at work in our lives, let us be filled with awe and wonder at the power of God’s love. May our hearts be uplifted in faith, trusting in the Lord’s supernatural encounters for us as believers in Jesus Christ. May we be inspired to seek and experience more of God’s divine presence in our lives, allowing the angel of resurrection to breathe new life into our hearts and circumstances.

Prophetic Declaration

My God, I feel electricity as I write this powerful prophetic word. I prophesy that under this anointing, the dead things will come to life within the next three days! Those lost family members are going to get saved! Your kids are coming back to God! Your finances are going to break through! What the enemy meant for evil, God is turning it around for you! 

Do you receive this prophetic word from the Lord? It's fresh manna from heaven. 

The Lord highlighted two individuals who are supposed to release a seed of $3,000. The Lord showed me someone who would sow $1,000. Be obedient to the Lord. Many will sow $300 for your three days of resurrection miracles! Someone will also sow $33 under this anointing, and it's truly all you have. God will honor it and release $3,300 to you within the next few days. 

My God! It's been a while since I felt the power of God flowing like this when I wrote a prophetic word! I am fully surrendered to you, Lord. Even as you read this, someone is being healed in their body. The anointing is oozing out of this! Receive in the mighty name of Jesus! 

Faith without works is dead. So, let's add God's resurrection power as you release your best seed unto the Lord. Don't delay because delayed obedience is disobedience. Do it now before this kairos moment passes you by and you miss your miracle! 


In His love, 

Rene Picota

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