The Secret To Prosperity

Dec 24, 2023

As I was in my room this morning, a spirit of intercession came upon me, and I ascended into the realm of the third heaven past the second heaven, and I heard the voice of the Lord like a trumpet. He told me to bring financial deliverance to His people. He gave me a secret key to unlock the portal of prosperity over your life.

The key to prosperity is to have a vision from the Lord for your life. 

Receive the key to vision today in the name of Jesus. The Bible says the people perish for lack of vision. God told me that as you get a vision for your life in 2024, you will begin to experience prosperity in every area of your life. The Spirit of Revelation is coming upon you. You will begin to have vivid dreams about the future. 

When I think of someone bound by poverty, they lack the motivation and the vision to get up and move ahead. Like the beggar at Gather Beautiful, they get used to handouts and a life of begging. God wants you to end that lifestyle and sent me to prophesy over you today that the season of poverty over your life is now over! Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have, I give unto you. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk! Rise up from your lame position. Rise up from poverty and lack. Rise up and seize the Kingdom of God today! He is looking for the violent to take His Kingdom by force!

I prophesy that the begging season is over, beginning now in Jesus' name! It’s time to shift in your thinking. He gave me the following verse for you today: 

"Everything you see, the whole land spread out before you, I will give to you and your children forever." -Genesis 13:15

Whatever you see, you can have! What a powerful key! The land you want is yours. This includes houses, rental properties, buildings, churches, and even a pastor reading this: The Lord says you can have the community center if you ask Him for it. All you need is faith in God! For that pastor, just check your PO Box in the spring of 2024, and you will see the anointing is there to meet that need! If you can see it, you can have it! It’s not just for you! It’s for your children too! Forever! It’s a generational blessing!

It's time to set up generational wealth. Set up that trust. Get that life insurance policy. Begin to prepare for generational wealth. Proverbs 13:22 declares: “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous.” God requires holiness and righteousness so that you can see a demonstration of His power in your finances. It’s time to return to the ways of the Lord. Your prosperity depends on it.

Prophetic Declaration

"Everything you see, the whole land spread out before you, I will give to you and your children forever." -Genesis 13:15

What a powerful prophetic word. I know you can feel that blessed prophetic anointing as you read this prophetic word. Move in faith with a seed of $131.50, $13.50, $1,350, or your best seed ending in 1350 for Genesis 13:15. As you sow your seed you are putting feet to your faith and declaring prophetically this prophetic promise is yours. I prophesy houses, land, cars, wealth and money will manifest. Receive vision for 2024! Let the Spirit of prophecy come upon you today. Receive vision now in Jesus name! Now sow your seed before it slips your mind.... 


In His love, 

Rene Picota

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