To the Adulterer, the Addict, and the Backslider

prophetic word Jul 26, 2020

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, "My child I love you so much! You can't escape My presence. You can't escape the power of My love. I am for you. I am with you. I love you with an everlasting love. I will never give up on you. My love toward you is stronger than death. I accept you just as you are. You don't have to clean up your life before you come to Me. Coming to me is how you clean up your life."

"Only I can take away the pain. Only I can mend your broken heart. Only My love can satisfy you deeply like you have been seeking. You don't have to rescue others. I have come to rescue you. I don't ask you to give up things. I take them away as you give in to My love and My power that can sustain you. I can and I will break every chain with My power if you ask me to. My love is pure. My love is powerful. My presence is all around you and I am making you more aware of it right now."

"You may have made mistakes. You may feel dirty and full of shame and guilt. But My blood has washed away all your sins. I am making all things new. I am giving you a new beginning today. I don't hold your past against you. Your mistakes and your sins do not define you. You haven't disqualified yourself from being My child or from being used by Me. I will use you and anoint you despite all you went through. The truth is I already knew what you would do yet I still chose you My child. It's time to get up off the floor. It's time to move. It's time to surrender to My grace." 

"Do not be afraid. I know others have hurt you. I know the unspeakable things that you try to erase from your mind. It wasn't your fault. I can heal the betrayal. I can heal you from the abuse and from the trauma. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will never hurt you. I watched as they did those things to you and I cried with you. My heart broke when yours broke. It was not My will. I could not stop them because I can't violate others will but I can heal you like it never happened. I can remove the memories. I can heal you and remove the scars if you let Me do the deep work that I long to do. I will give you peace. I will give you the balm of Gilead and I will comfort you." 

"If you feel unloved and unworthy. I affirm you today. I know you crave affection and approval but understand that the love you are craving can only be filled when you understand that it must come from Me. I am for you. I approve you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You have such a bright future. I have a purpose for you. I long to speak to you every day and whisper what I think about you every day. I am with you every second of every day. I am in your past, in your present, and I am in your future. I am, I was, and I always will be. There is none like Me." 

"I am your Savior. I am your Healer. I am your Deliverer. I am your Redeemer. I am the Prince of Peace and your Comforter. I will bless you and I will keep you and I will draw you closer to My heart and I will never stop pursuing you."


In His Love,

Rene Picota

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