Are you ready to go after your dream and watch it become a reality right before your eyes? 

Ready to be overwhelmed by gratitude for what is about to happen in your life? 

Do you want to have a crystal clear picture of what you want to accomplish? 

Things haven't worked out like you thought. 

It's frustrating sitting there year after year without making any real progress. 

It's like if your tires are spinning in the mud. Nothing is going to change unless you do something you have never done before. You are on an adventure and it's time to take the necessary steps to launch out into your destiny. Whether it's a ministry or a business, Build Your Dream is exactly what you need because you can't do this alone anymore.

It's time to BREAKTHROUGH and make your dreams come true... 


Introducing- Build Your Dream

We believe it's possible for you to build your dreams in 60 days or less! 

As you work with us, we will mentor you and and develop you into a leader that changes your world! 

Here's How This Will Change Your Life...

The program breaks down the entire process of building your dream into tiny, manageable steps which helps dreamers and visionaries like you achieve small wins consistently.

The modules cover topics like how to validate your calling and create high-quality content for your followers. You will learn how to launch your business or ministry through our proven blueprint that has helped so many reach their success. 

By the end of Build Your Dream, you will have: 

  • Nailed down your vision (instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it)
  • Know who you are called to so that you make sure your audience is willing and excited to invest in what you have to offer
  • Created content that your audience won't stop consuming (even if you’re a total technophobe and have never recorded a single video in your entire life)
  • Developed high-converting landing pages that helps you reach your enrollment goals and revenue requirements
  • Leveraged a combination of Facebook ads, Instagram, and email marketing hacks to get qualified leads that grow your influence and increases your income
  • Developed email funnels to increase your course sales and make sure your future customers have the best possible chance to convert into clients
  • Send every customer through a proven email funnel that will turn your sales into autopilot so that you can increase your revenue and reach your goals


Build Your Dream Modules:

Module 1: Dreaming God's Dream

Discover how to hear God speaking to you about your calling through hints that He gives you, through your gifts, the prophetic words you receive.

It's time to focus on the one thing that will be the foundation upon which your dream is launched. Ready to find out what your vision is? 

Are you ready to hear God's voice and gain clarity concerning your purpose and destiny? You don't have to wait any longer! It's time to dream big dreams with God! 

Module 2: Planning Your Launch

It's time to get organized and intentional about how you plan the different phases of your launch process.

You get access to our transformation tracker, which allows you to track your progress and have accountability. 

We will encourage you to make deadlines for each step in your process, including course creation, marketing, live launch for when you go public.

Module 3: Know Your Audience

Knowing who your ideal followers are and what they are looking for can genuinely make or break the success of your you are trying to launch. 

This module gives you a step-by-step process packed with specific action steps and practical exercises to help you completely understand your audience.

So you get access to proven know your audience worksheet that help you define your ideal customer, what you will offer them, and decide the type of strategy you will use to reach them.

Plus, you get highly specific tactics on how to collect feedback from your target audience on social media and what questions you need to ask them. 

Module 4: Branding Basics

Branding is NOT about creating a fake persona. Don't skip this training based off of what you THINK you know about branding. Without proper branding your website and business/organization will come off as sloppy and unprofessional. Branding is one of those things that, once you learn about it, you can't unsee! 

Module 5: Delivering Amazing Content

In this module, Rene takes you through the process for converting ideas and your vision into amazing content that will leave others hanging by every word. You'll learn how to turn your vision into actionable advice and practical exercises.

This module also comes packed with additional worksheets and resources to teach you how to captivate your audience. 

Module 6: Building Your Email List

With this module, your dream moves to the next phase, where you learn how to build relationships through an email list.

What you get with this module is nothing less than an exact blueprint that covers every single aspect of creating a profitable email list filled with qualified leads.

To begin with, you learn the exact email funnel you could use to generate customers, plus you learn how to craft an irresistible marketing pitch for your message.

Module 7: All Things Social Media

Your business/ministry/organization NEEDS to have an online presence on social media. It's not a matter of question. It's a matter of determining where you need to be, and SHOWING UP with excellence, creativity, and the skills to GROW your social media platforms for maximum impact. 

Module 8: Building Your Dream Team 

Teamwork makes the team work. If you are going to be successful you are going to have to learn how to be a team player and a good leader. In this module, you will learn how to pick people to be on your team, how to communicate with them and train them so that you can achieve the results you desire. 

Discover the difference between leadership and management and why you will only be as strong as your weakest link. Gain insight into what the foundations of leadership require so that you can maximize your impact and accomplish your goals.  

Bonus Training: Digital Marketing Hacks 

There is a significant ingredient of success for building your dream. It is going to be your ability to automate your processes and systems so that you can engage with your followers, create more content, all while staying connected 24/7 while you work 20 hours a week or less! 

What are you going to do with all that free time that you will have? Free up your time. Set your own hours. Work smart. 

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? 

You will also get these additional bonuses:

Power Mentoring with Rene Picota

Power Mentoring includes 5 (60 minutes) sessions on the phone or zoom where you will get to share with Rene  your struggles, and challenges and he will show you how to overcome them to get your success today. Are you ready to:

  • Align the way to think so that you can experience dramatic change in whatever it is you focus whether it be relationships, business ideas, hobbies, dreams, etc
  • Feel a powerful shift in your life where you'll suddenly start believing in your ability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to
  • Master your thought life so that you can implement the plan to live your dream
  • Discover how to sustain a lifestyle of breakthrough
  • Find out what you are called to do in this season 
  • With the tools and strategies I will give you, complex problems and circumstances become a piece of cake 
  • We will give you practical action steps to implement to your life 
  • Plus much more!

Power Mentoring is normally $997.00, but it's yours FREE when you let us help you Build Your Dream today.

You’ll discover the true principles of success according to the Bible, that I've learned in our 15+ years of leadership, and you’ll be empowered to breakthrough no matter how many times you’ve messed up in the past.

Value: $997.00


Instant Access to our "Website In A Weekend" Video Course 


In our "Website In A Weekend" Video Course we will show you how easy it is to create a Squarespace website or a WordPress site. 

Squarespace is an incredibly user friendly interface and we believe that is the best fit for those who aren't selling online products.

WordPress is by far the most popular option for this and it’s user-friendly website templates (we provide you with five powerful templates that are easy to install and use) and ease of social media sharing.

It features a very intuitive admin back end that makes changing most basic website template options, as well as creating new posts and pages, simple.

All in all, after completing this course you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of how to manage your mobile computer, and tablet friendly website – You will learn how easy it is to add your new logo and banners, add content and pictures, add pages, write and share a blog, etc.
  • We will show you which plugins you need and how easy it is to install and use them- One area that I love about WordPress is its plugins! This is good because it means that you can use plugins to make WordPress do almost anything that you want it to including using social media to drive traffic to your business website. 

  • Connect your domain name to your email- You can set up your new email in just a few minutes. All you do is click a few links and you're done
  • The most effective way to market your brand and build a following- We will share with you the secrets that have helped our social media and marketing clients become powerful influences who are taken seriously by their audience.

Only those who purchase Build Your Dream will have access to this amazing course. 

Value: $497.00

Basically, you’ll have access to this powerful course that teaches you how to set up your website in a weekend.


A Complete Branding Package

Our team is dedicated to helping you creating a powerful marketing plan where your audience can understand what you have to offer through your ministry or business.

As part of Build Your Dream, you’ll receive…

  • Branding Package 

    Our in house graphic designer will design a custom logo, a branding board, and three banners, that will leave your audience wanting more. This logo will be fresh and tailored to your audience. Everything is authentic and no one else is using it. 
  • Professional Website Templates That are Customizable and Tailored To Fit Your Needs

    We will provide you with a responsive theme website that will look amazing on cell phones, laptops, tablets or desk top computer. They are easy to customize. Web hosting and domain name fees not included. 

  • Email List & Social Media Pages Help

    We will show you how set up your Email List, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and train you how to build a large following so that you can influence others with your message.  

Value: $2,000.00


Facebook Mentoring Group 

With the access you'll get directly from us (Rene & Amber Picota) in the community, you'll also receive our most well received digital recourses completely FREE. These resources will help you more fully step into the life God has designed for you. 

All in all, Build Your Dream will…

  • Help you experience and fall completely in love with God, where you’re knees go weak and you can’t get enough of Him.
  • Give you the proven keys from Proverbs to put your dreams and visions into goals that are fun to complete because of child-likeness.
  • Change your perspective, making every moment more positive and exciting.
  • Show you exactly how to live a well-rounded life where every part of your life is exploding with breakthrough. This way you don’t get burned out in certain areas of your life as you step into your destiny.
  • Give you a clear vision for the future so you no longer have to question what God is doing and where He wants you to go.
  • Have us do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on serving others. 
  • Plus, much, much more!

If you are still reading this, then it’s time for you to sign up for you to Build Your Dream right now.

Every month you're getting to interact with us live, ask us any questions, access training videos, and receive powerful mentoring to encourage you and keep you going. It's time to get started right now!


"This generation needs leaders who are going to walk with them and provide them the tools they need to make their dreams come true. Rene & Amber Picota are those leaders. Through their online courses, trainings, and live events they will show you how to see clearly and implement the vision God has for your life so that you can reach your success."

Former Mayor of Panama City, Panama, & CEO of Creatividad BRV

"Rene and Amber Picota have a wonderful prophetic/teaching ministry. In their meetings and through their online trainings many have been helped and touched."

Author, Speaker, Host of Miracles Happen


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will this really work for me, because I've really messed up my life? You need to realize, that we've all messed things up and we've all missed some things. However, I'm convinced that you can follow the principles laid out in God's Word and see incredible transformation in your life. It all depends how committed you are to the group and the teachings for you to be able to get your desired outcome.
  • What if I'm already in my older years? It's never too late to dream and go after your destiny. Martha Stewart didn't start till after 40. Harry Bernstein authored countless rejected books until he got his first hit age 96. So, never think you're too late to get started.
  • Why this instead of something else? Personally, I haven't really seen anything that is just like Build Your Dream. Not only do you get solid training, every month we're going to look at different areas of your life and help you get a prophetic vision for that area to live a fully rounded lifestyle as a child of God.

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