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3 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started My Own Business & Ministry. 


Maybe you’re like me, and you have these big dreams of running your own business or launching a ministry. If I’d known these 3 things, I would have launched sooner, and more confidently. In this video I will pass on to you what I wish someone had told me.

2024 is about to be the year of LAUNCHING.

You’ve had a dream to launch your own ministry or business for a long time, but until now it was just a wish.

You may have even TRIED to launch, but then you were overcome with so many problems and obstacles that you eventually quit.

It’s time to revive the dream!

“Someday I’m going to start a business”
“Someday I’m going to launch a ministry”

Today can easily be that day.

No more premature launches. No more failed startups. You don’t have to wait until you hit the powerball, or discover you’re secretly the heir of a wealthy dynasty...