Kingdom Credit Repair  Services: Repair & Restore Your Credit Worthiness in as little as 10 Days! 





Tired of being denied because of bad credit? Then this is for you. 

Don't want to have to postpone your dreams of owning a house, funding a business idea, or driving a car with an affordable payment? Then this is for you! 

Are you ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck and finally leave a legacy instead of feeling like an embarrassment to your family? THIS IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU! 

It's not your fault that you weren't taught how to sustain a good credit score and how to develop healthy financial habits. 

Everything changes NOW

Introducing: Kingdom Credit Repair Services 

We have mastered the art of credit repair. We know exactly what to do to remove all the negative items from your credit report. This includes hard inquiries, late payments, bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, judgments, collections, student loans, and child support.

Step 1: Free  10 minute credit evaluation and custom quote

We begin with a free 10 minute credit evaluation of your credit reports where we will point out your strengths and weaknesses and let you know what needs to be done on your end as well as ours to get your scores as high as possible.
We will be looking for negative items such as collections, negative accounts, hard inquiries, repossessions, bankruptcies, and late payments. We will also give you specific feedback so that you maximize your results.
We then provide you with a custom quote to remove these items using our credit hacking methods. 

Step 2: We will email you the contract and collect the payment. 

We will send you a contract for you to sign and to provide us with your personal details required to repair your credit. Once the contract is signed snd returned, we will process your credit or debit card for the payment amount. Once your payment posts you will begin to see the results in as little as 24 hours for Experian, 10 days for TransUnion and 14 days with Equifax. Please allow up to 60 days for extremely derogatory credit files. 

Step 3. Credit Mentoring & Tradelines 

We will provide you with a step by step on demand video training that will show you how to leverage credit, keep your credit score above 750, show you how to prepare to buy a house, get a car loan, or personal loan. We will also give you access to purchase tradelines to boost your credit score and credit history so that you can qualify for the best interest rates and credit cards. Finally, we will offer you access to our inner circle where we will teach you how to build business credit, launch businesses that create cash flow, and get you well on your way to beginning your journey to wealth creation. 

An excellent credit score is closer than you think.


Repairing your credit is one of the most important financial decisions you can make!



Schedule your free 10 minute credit evaluation on the phone with us today so you can let us do all the work for your so that you can relax and enjoy having the flexibility to get that car, home, loan, or any other financial goal you’ve been dreaming of!

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