Get Ahead In Your Calling

The 5 Life Transforming Steps Needed To Build Your Dream In 2023 With The Faith You Already Have

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Rene & Amber Picota present a short masterclass on how you can build your dream life from scratch:

  • Without struggling to implement what God has shown you to do. You will learn how to overcome the fear that has been holding you back for so long!
  • Without struggling to launch. Because now you will have two coaches and two mentors to show you how to make your dreams a reality. 
  •  Without struggling with the question if you are good enough. God has chosen YOU to do amazing things for His Kingdom! 
  • Without struggling financially. Discover how to live in financial abundance by doing this ONE THING that will change everything! 

Rene & Amber Picota- Co Founders of Empower for Life -As Featured on GodTV, Elijah List, and Spirit Fuel

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