FREE Masterclass: 5 Steps To Building Your Dream Using The Tools You Already Have

Launching people forward. 

Everyone has a unique call on their lives to fulfill. Immerse yourself in an experience that empowers every kind of content creator — every kind educator — every kind of communicator — to create, to teach, and to manifest their desires.


In this masterclass, Rene & Amber Picota share the launching strategy they & countless others have followed to successfully launch their business or ministry!

  • Create a lucrative online course with group coaching. People are waiting to be empowered by YOU! 

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  • Minimize stress, fear, and overwhelm with confident results. Create a vision for the life you want and filter everything through it. 

  • Create more free time. Spend more free time with your family and friends doing the things you love.

  • No marketing start up costs. You don't have to spend any money on Facebook marketing ads. 

  • Blast through every obstacle. Nothing will get in the way ever again as you learn to gain momentum.   

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  • Get a free 45 minute call.  We can create an action plan together that leads you down the path of success. 

You can. You have the time. You are good enough. Stop daydreaming.