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Prophetic BootCamp 

by Amber Picota

Have you ever felt confused about the gift of prophecy? 

"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints." -1 Corinthians 14:33




What Is the “Prophetic Bootcamp”?

 A simple guide to launching a prophetic calling

Learning how to prophesy can be overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be. This step-by-step Bootcamp will show you how to prophesy with accuracy and leave people undone by the anointing that flows from your lips… in less than 2 hours!

Step-By-Step Walkthrough of Everything 

Amber Picota will walk you the entire nature of the prophetic so you know exactly what to do and how to say. You will feel confident implementing every step of this highly effective prophetic anointing!

From Prophetic Expressions to Prophetic Impartation To Prophetic Activations 

Just watch this video and receive a supernatural impartation of the prophetic flow… even if you are not an expert Prophet!

Includes Years of Teaching, Wisdom, and Lessons Learn from Trial and Error

When you sign up for the Prophetic Bootcamp, you’ll avoid all the painful prophetic pitfalls that others have experienced. You will succeed in your prophetic calling.

This Prophetic Bootcamp will help guide you through the process of embracing your destiny.

What’s Inside The Prophetic Bootcamp?

  • What the “prophetic” is and why it is so important in helping you become an effective soul winner
  • How to prophesy with accuracy and leave others undone in the presence of God!
  • Discover how to use the prophetic to lead others into an irresistible encounter with Christ
  • Secrets to creating a prophetic culture in your ministry where God speaks to you constantly, plus: the basics of dream interpretation, prophetic numbers, and discerning Kairos moments
  • The top critical ways God speaks and how to position your life to clearly hear God’s voice
  • What an “open eyed vision” is, and how it is different than a prophetic dream of a closed eye vision
  • How God speaks through emotional impressions … just listen to the Holy Spirit’s nudging and you will find yourself in the center of God’s will
  • Why paying attention to flashbacks is so important and how to leverage these supernatural encounters so that you know what is coming
  • Follow step-by-step as Amber shows you when a word is to be given publicly, with a witness or if it is only to be taken to prayer so you can quickly know what is appropriate in every situation without being embarrassed
  • The easiest way to grow in the prophetic by finding the right mentors to help you minister effectively
  • How to judge a prophecy without judging a person and why prophetic gifting is not an endorsement of a person’s character
  • How to respond to a prophecy with an attitude of honor and gratitude so that you can absorb everything that the Holy Spirit is saying
  • Learn how to activate the prophetic by faith so that you can step out of the natural into the supernatural
  • Access secrets to overcoming fear and intimidation so you can take the pressure off and depend completely on the Holy Spirit
  • How to pray a blessing over the individual you are ministering to and proclaim a destiny word over their life
  • Find people to minister to by asking the Holy Spirit to highlight a person to you. How to know in your spirit which one is the right one so that you can deliver a word from the Lord to them!


What Other's Are Saying...

“The Prophetic Bootcamp brings the full power of God’s Word into your life so that you can be a vessel to bring the prophetic to the lives around you.” –Daniel
“This video course will bring you into the light of God’s call in your life. Amber’s video course will speak into your situation, your neighbor’s life, to the man that doesn’t yet know Him, and to the woman looking for hope who wishes she could hear from God.” –Pastor Johnathan
“Amber ministers the Word of God in a focused, clear and individualized way to those who are hungry for real spiritual things that impact where they live. You owe it to yourself to sign up today. –Maria


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And that’s worst-case scenario.

However, let’s say you join and in the next month you find yourself falling more in love with God than ever before. Let's say you start dreaming more and stepping into those dreams. Let's say you get the strength & courage to take hold of the calling that God has for you.

Truth is, this could be the reality.

However, unless you join today, you’ll never know.




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