It can be a very lonely life as a trailblazer, because there seems to be nobody out there who has done exactly what you’re wanting to do, and not a lot of friends can fully understand what exactly you’re going through.

There is a move of God in the Earth that only you can fulfill, and as leaders who have overcome a ridiculous amount of resistance, we will empower you to rock this thing SO hard.

You know that you are called as a leader, and you’re ready to move forward into all that God has called you to do, utilizing all the gifts that are inside of you.

If only it were easy to find great leaders, with experience, who are willing to invest into you.

 Finding confident, powerful, authentic leaders in the Church, who are also willing to pour into others and raise up others as leaders, are just flat out scarce.

It’s not easy to know how to handle the challenges that inevitably pop up when you set out to do what God has called you to do, and there’s only so much you can glean from following Facebook pages and watching webinars by people who don’t know your actual present situation.

You want to genuinely enjoy your life, and BE the unique out of the box leader that God has created you to be, using the gifts placed on the inside of you.

Your desire is to be considered a credible leader, to be invited places to speak, to write, to create, and to inspire others to fall deeper in love with God.

You hope to create an income for your family, while doing what makes you feel ALIVE, and impact the world with the love of God.

As Lou Engle once said, “God had a dream and He wrapped your body around it”. Your greatest passion in life is to give birth to the dreams that God has placed on the inside of you, and you know deep inside that NOW is the season to begin. For 10 years we have served as Pastors in the Church, we’ve inspired people to dream big dreams with Creator God, and equipped countless people to walk into uncharted spiritual territory.

  • No mentor?
  • Not sure what your next steps are?
  • Does trailblazing feel lonely sometimes?
  • Tired of feeling used and manipulated by Church leaders?
  • Lacking confidence?

We know these struggles all too well. We faced and overcame each of these at one point in our leadership careers, and we’ve helped other people overcome these obstacles as well. We’re very familiar with the hard path of trailblazing, and one of our greatest passions is cheering other leaders on, empowering them to overcome it ALL!

We are Amber and Rene Picota.

I (Amber) am a mother of 3, wife, an ordained minister, published author of “God’s Feminist Movement”, and a passionate preacher. I believe in you. I believe in the dreams that God has placed in your heart. I believe that you are truly a move of God in the Earth and that you’re about to release the glory of God like never before.

I (Rene) have been happily married to Amber for the past 14 years. I am a family man, and a dreamer. I am a passionate prophetic preacher and a visionary leader. I know how to get things done, and I leverage my problem-solving skills and prophetic gifting to coach people into their destiny. Are you ready to step into your calling?!

We are the co-founders of Empower for Life and we believe in you so much that we want to put something free into your hands right now that is going to cause you to break through like never before!

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