Transform Your Credit Score Today with The Credit Game Mastery!


The only program you’ll ever need to teach you how to build your credit for years to come.

The Credit Game Mastery shows you how to: 

  • Stop losing sleep and peace of mind over overwhelming debt
  • No more collection calls after these three words...
  • Stop the lawsuits and warrants in debt from creditors and collection companies
  • No more cops showing up to your house serving you notices and liens on your personal property
  • Stop the garnishments from your checking accounts for money you owe with this one step!
  • Raise your credit score quickly and effectively by over 100 points
  • Build advance credit repair letters found that actually work to wipe your credit files clean and keep them clean forever
  • Make credit card companies pay for your exotic trips to places you have wanted to go 
  • Know which credit cards specifically waive their annual fees
  • Learn the back door phone numbers to triple your credit limits overnight!
  • Structure your credit so that you can buy the home of your dreams 
  • Recession-proof your income so you don’t have to worry about ups and downs of the economy

Now is the time to take control of your credit!

In the Credit Game Mastery, you’ll discover how to rebuild your financial future no matter how many times you have messed up in the past!


30 days is all you need to change your situation, and recession proof your family!

  • Start seeing the most difficult negative items fall off your credit reports
  • Qualify for a $50,000 loan through this secret lender
  • Take control of your personal finances and stay in control of them!

The right financial moves can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in The Credit Game Mastery.


The Credit Game Mastery

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It's Time Take Control of Your Financial Future!

This on demand mastery course will teach you everything you need to know in order to fix your credit, get out of debt, and position yourself to build generational wealth. You’ll discover how to:

  • Build and maintain excellent credit
  • Create a practical and easy to follow budget
  • Have financial safety and security

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart money practices, you could start living the life of your dreams.

Here's What Your Getting In The Credit Game Mastery...


Change Your Money Mindsets

Problematic Mindsets- I admit that I was so wrong about these problematic mindsets about money and credit

Exposing Lies About Credit- Believing these specific lies kept me with a 550 credit score for years

Healthy Money Mindsets- I promise you that these healthy money mindsets position you to create wealth

The Power of Following Through- Discovering the secret to following through has never been easier after you watch this video


Repair Your Credit Quickly

The First Step- This should be illegal: Freeze data furnishers and secondary credit bureaus

Invalidating Valid- How to ensure your negative accounts cannot be legally validated ever again with this little hack

The FCRA- What in the world is the FCRA & how it is as important as the constitution 

The CFPB- I will show you how to get the CFPB to enforce the removal of every negative item 


Secrets of Wealth 

Budgeting 101- How to use my easy to follow budget template to save a ton of cash quickly

Never A Late Payment Again- This credit card hack will cause you to never miss a payment even if you don't have the money to make your payment

The Ways of Wealthy People- Wealthy people do this one thing to multiply their money and keep it tax-free

Making Money Work- Instead of a savings account, do THIS to turn your savings into a money making machine


Building Stellar Credit

Instantly Improve Your Score- Jump start your credit by 100 points using this shortcut

Credit Cards 101- The better way to use credit cards and make money using them

Cash Flow Solutions- Do THIS to fix your cash flow problems 

Real Estate 101- Structuring your credit reports for real estate purchases 


The Secret Sauce

Top Secret- How to use my highly sought after personal secret lenders list 

Using the Tools Included- How to use the budget & advance credit repair letter templates 

Tradeline Secrets- How to use tradelines to boost your score quickly and effectively

Leaving A Legacy- How to set your kids up as they begin their credit journey

Bonus: The Credit Game Mastery Includes Group Zoom Coaching Calls Monthly

On these Zoom video calls you can expect:

  • Designated Q&A Time
  • Tips, hacks, and fresh encouragement
  • Accountability and support 

Surrounding yourself with people who support you can make a huge difference. That's why we will all connect monthly through via Zoom meetings.


You don't need another hand out. You need a hand up!

The Credit Game Mastery Is For You If...

  • You want to increase your credit score quickly

  • You are tired of stressing over debt

  • You long for financial security

  • You dream of not constantly struggling financially
  • You are ready to take back your finances and build your credit quickly

I'm Rene Picota

Hi! My name is Rene Picota. I have been married to Amber Picota for 15 years. We have 4 children and we live in the Washington DC area.

I am a launching & breakthrough strategist for visionaries. I help people build and finance their dream life by teaching influencers, entrepreneurs, and ministers how easy it is tap into their divine flow, dream God’s dream, and discover their purpose.
I will help you get a crystal clear vision for your life and develop your influence while remaining authentic to yourself and to your brand. The truth is that you were born to change the world around you. You are called to amazing things. No matter where you are on your journey, I am so excited to serve you by providing you with the exact breakthrough strategies you need to change your world!
After struggling myself to rebuild my credit, I felt sympathy for those who are in similar situations. Everyone deserves a clean slate. We have all made mistakes, but those mistakes don't have to hold you back. Instead of feeling defeated, The Credit Game Mastery is designed to give you hope, and take back your finances. I had to struggle and research endlessly to find the tools I needed, but I don't want that for you. That's why I created this course.
You don't have to struggle like I did. I worked hard to make a simple and uncomplicated course to boost your credit score quickly, and turn your finances around.  

"Rene helped me increase my credit score by over 140 points in 30 days! I highly recommend his services."

- Brad Hartman

"Rene's knowledge on credit has helped so many people break free from poverty. He has fixed my credit and deleted all the collections accounts."

- Maria Vallarino

"I was always terrible with money! Rene started mentoring me and now I have the job I want making over six figures. I bought a house and a brand new car!"

- Tameka Washington

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