I Am About To Place It In Your Hands

Apr 21, 2024

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, ' I am about to place it in your hands. The time has come for the fulfillment of my promises in your life. I am about to place in your hands the blessings that you have been fervently praying for. My word declares that my promises are yes and amen, and I am faithful to bring them to pass."

"Prepare yourselves, for the breakthrough you have been contending for is on the horizon. The prayers that have ascended before me are not in vain. I have heard your cries, seen your tears, and I am moving on your behalf. It is already done. What seemed impossible in the natural realm is about to manifest supernaturally before your very eyes."

 "The answers to the petitions you have laid before me are being released even now. Do not grow weary in waiting, for my timing is perfect. Trust in my faithfulness and know that I am a God who delights in blessing his children abundantly. Your faith has stirred my heart, and I am responding with showers of blessings upon you."

"Stand firm in faith, believing that what I have spoken will surely come to pass. Embrace this season of manifestation with hearts full of gratitude and praise. Rejoice, for the breakthrough is at hand, and my glory will be revealed through the fulfillment of my promises in your life."

"May these words resonate deep within your spirits and ignite a fresh fire of expectation within you. For I am a God who keeps his word, and what I have promised, I will surely perform. Receive it by faith, walk in expectancy, and watch as I bring forth miracles in your midst."

Are you ready to experience the profound impact of a prophetic word spoken over your life? Imagine the excitement and anticipation as you prepare to play back that recorded message from the Lord. The words spoken with divine insight and wisdom, tailored specifically for you, hold the key to unlocking your destiny and purpose. Listen to this powerful prophetic word here.

Prophetic Declaration

What a powerful prophetic word. I know you can feel that blessed anointing as you heard it. Move in faith with a supernatural seed of $500, $50, $5,000, $50,000 or your best seed ending in 5 for the Gospel and for this powerful prophetic word. Do it now while the anointing is flowing so strong...


Allow the power of the prophetic word to ignite your faith and stir up a passion within you. Let it serve as a constant reminder of God’s promises for your life, encouraging you to walk boldly in your calling and trust in His divine plan for you.

In His love, 

Rene Picota

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