You Can't Get Right Until You Get Real

I grew up in the Church under a "name it claim it", "fake it until you make it" type of ideology, but I realized that that was keeping a lot of people hurting but just hiding it better. You cannot heal from what you won't acknowledge or are in denial of. It's ok to say "I have depression" AND "I believe God heals"..... It's ok to say "I am angry" AND "I am blessed".... It doesn't have to be either/or...... It can be both/and.
You can't get right until you get real. We cannot heal from the traumas that we are in denial of.
I think many of us have been told “God can’t behold sin” or that “Sin separates us from God” to the point where we actually believe that God is offended by the messy, explicit, painful, bitter parts of us. 
On the contrary, throughout scripture we see that we serve a God who: 
  • Leaves the 99 for the 1
  • Will never leave us or forsake us
  • Whose love is inescapable
  • Dines with sinners
  • Is labeled a drunk...
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Come Out Of The Prayer Closet

God has been calling me to release this message, “Come out of the prayer closet” for some time. I have been resisting it a little. That hasn’t went well for me. So here we are.

This is the message that God has called me to release to the Church:

“It’s time to come out of the prayer closet. It’s time to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In fact, it’s time to BE Jesus to the world. It’s time to practice love in motion. Love looks like something.

You have to go beyond praying and begin DOING THE THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DONE. Instead of only praying for someone who is in need, see if you are able to help meet that need. Don’t PRAY FOR the hungry. FEED THEM. Don’t just pray for the sick. HEAL THEM. Don’t just pray for the lonely. VISIT WITH THEM. Love them. Listen to them. Be their friend.

It’s time to put your love into action. It’s time to rise up and mobilize together as a BODY that brings Heaven to Earth in a...

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