Prophetic Word: The Mama Bears Are Roaring

God is calling forth the Mama Bears in the Body of Christ in this season to rise up and protect the defenseless and unsuspecting. 
Back in December of 2017 I prophesied that it was a season of shaking in the body, where God was exposing predators, and corrupt leaders (see that article here). I'm sure we can all agree that has definitely played out right before our very eyes!!
In the aftermath, there has been a lot of talk about what we as Christians are to do to not be so susceptible to ministers and leaders who abuse and misuse their spiritual authority. Many Christians have been discussing how to walk a path of recovery, repentance, and restoration with these figures in “power" who have sinned against the ones they were supposed to be serving and equipping. 
However many leaders in the Body of Christ have completely dropped the ball when it comes to protecting and caring for the victims of these leaders. 
We can find whole...
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You Can't Get Right Until You Get Real

I grew up in the Church under a "name it claim it", "fake it until you make it" type of ideology, but I realized that that was keeping a lot of people hurting but just hiding it better. You cannot heal from what you won't acknowledge or are in denial of. It's ok to say "I have depression" AND "I believe God heals"..... It's ok to say "I am angry" AND "I am blessed".... It doesn't have to be either/or...... It can be both/and.
You can't get right until you get real. We cannot heal from the traumas that we are in denial of.
I think many of us have been told “God can’t behold sin” or that “Sin separates us from God” to the point where we actually believe that God is offended by the messy, explicit, painful, bitter parts of us. 
On the contrary, throughout scripture we see that we serve a God who: 
  • Leaves the 99 for the 1
  • Will never leave us or forsake us
  • Whose love is inescapable
  • Dines with sinners
  • Is labeled a drunk...
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What Christians Need To Know About Inner Healing, Therapy, & Counseling

There is a lot of buzz right now in Christian circles about the topics of mental health, PTSD, codependency, trauma, inner healing, therapy, etc. I feel like in many ways, those topics are intertwined, so it’s fitting really that so many people are beginning to talk about them all. In fact, I will likely touch some on each of these topics here in this article.

If anything the buzz of these topics was greatly compounded when notable Charismatic Christian leader Todd White spoke out on said topic. I won’t to go into a lot of detail here, but his position on inner healing, psychology, therapy, etc. was pretty much summed up as a sort of “Jesus is all we need” speech (he says much more than this, I want to be crystal clear that there is context missing in what I’m saying and this is not me giving you a detailed extensive outline of what was said). I’m not here to talk negatively about him as a person. I love that guy. I think he’s an amazing...

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Prophetic Word: The Lord Says It’s Operation Time

You cannot go into the next season of your life guarding the wounds of your past.

I believe today the Lord would have me to tell you that He is about to operate on you, should you be willing to climb up on the operating table.

This is the word He gave me to release today, and while I believe it is a corporate word for the Body, test this word and see if it is a now word for your life.

I hear the Lord saying, “There are deep wounds from the past that I am about to heal in this season. Some of these wounds you have literally forgotten how you got them, as a coping mechanism.”

Picture this with me. Picture a septic wound. You can look from the outside and tell that underneath is something really bad. It appears to have infection inside. The skin is discolored and feverish to the touch because inside is a painful secret.

You could put clothes on top of this terrible infected area and walk around as if nothing is wrong, but the second someone tries to give...

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The Language Of The Kingdom

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying I am teaching My sons and daughters the language of the Kingdom. They must learn how to speak in a different way. Many keep cursing themselves. Many are complaining about their life and it has given a stronghold to the enemy. Today I am bringing revelation to My sons and daughters concerning the language that releases the miracles they need. 

I am teaching you My child the pattern to bringing My glory. For I ride upon the praises of My people. I will release My glory as you begin to praise Me and magnify My name. I long to change your world. First, you must change the atmosphere with your praise to Me. I am releasing My glory in a heavy way. Every time I release My glory I release fresh revelation. I am releasing revelation concerning the words that you speak. I have ordained praise to flow from your lips. Lift Me up says the Lord and I will lift you up out of your problems.

Even as you begin to...

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