Portals of Prosperity Opening Up!

favor finances miracles prosperity rene picota sowing wealth Nov 02, 2022

The Spirit of the Lord began to show portals of prosperity opening over you. God is about to release supernatural abundance through you. Whatever flows through you will manifest around you. God's abundant supply will fill your spirit. His abundance will begin to manifest around you as your words and your actions align with God's.

His angels of abundance are moving in your life as you are reading this. That's why you have seen flashes of colors over the last few days. It is heaven's activity in your life. 

The windows of heaven are open over your life to release supernatural abundance. You attract abundance because you attract heaven's attention. You are powerful because the power of God resides within you. As a child of God. God's prosperity belongs to you. It's time to begin to enjoy it. Start living your best life right now. Plan that trip for 2023. 

As you abide in God's glory, the prophetic dreams you have will become a reality. Prosperity will flow to you from all directions. Financial abundance is flowing to you now because you are attracting God's Kingdom abundance.

In this season, God is revealing His purpose for you. You are called to flow in abundance every day. You will reflect the glory of God's abundance. You are becoming successful and rich in spirit, soul, and body. You are becoming wealthy in every single way.

Your relationships will flourish because God's favor rests on you. Relationships that were strained and absent will suddenly be fixed. Even with your family members who haven't talked to you in a long time. Because you trust in God's power to prosper you, abundance is filling your life with goodness. The Spirit of God is reshaping the way you act and react to finances. It's a season to learn how to manage your money better. Because you live in abundance you have more than enough supplies. God's Spirit of abundance lives in you. 

You are a child of God. Don't ever forget that. God is giving you the ability to prosper because abundance belongs to you. You must have a miracle mindset that releases miracles to touch every area of your life. Change your mind. Repent. 

Through the Spirit of God you will manifest abundance in every way. You are well supplied for by God and you can supply for others you love and care about because God's abundance is flowing to you from many sources. 

Prophetic Declaration

There is such an anointing for wealth and prosperity flowing. God is delivering you from lack. He is delivering you from poverty. You won't struggle any longer. God broke the backbone of poverty from my family with a seed of $100. Many have heard the story. This is good ground to sow. Sow in faith right now your seed of $100, $1,000, $200, $50, or whatever amount God is speaking to you to sow under this heavenly flow. As you sow, your actions are activating God's angels of abundance. You will be blessed with prosperity and the windows of heaven are open over your life. God's showers of blessings will rain down on you. 



In His love,

Rene Picota

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