Developing An Abundance Mindset

abundance dreams money prophetic rene picota visions wealth Mar 18, 2023

God truly wants to bless you. He wants you to experience abundance in every area of your life. When you choose to remain poor, then it is a complete disrespect to the death of our Savior Jesus Christ. He died so that we may become rich. He came to give us life and life in abundance. In this article I am going to teach you exactly how to develop an abundance mindset. It will challenge you. It will make you angry. It will wake you up so that you can realize your full potential in Christ. 

The biggest lie that society believes in is the American dream. The media tells you exactly what you should do. You should work a job making others rich, get a mortgage so you can pay your house off in 30 years, pay into a 401k or a pension, just to realize when you are 65 years old that you got taken advantage of. Did you really live an abundant life? They want you to comply and be part of the herd. 

When I was dirt poor I thought everyone around me was poor. As soon as I started making six figures every year, I realized people actually have money. Money is everywhere! Pay attention to all the things that are taking your money. Study the exit of every single penny. This will show you the truth about your financial habits and decisions. Are you spending money when you should be investing it so that the money you spend makes you more money? Money can make more money for you. Money is the tool that will bring you abundance. You aren't supposed to love money, but you are supposed to use it to solve problems. God calls us to take dominion and to be debt free. Without money you can't really do much good or obey God's command to be debt free. 

Another thing I realized when I was poor was that everyone around me was poor. I began to seek out mentors and business men to speak into my life. I had to make my reality what I wanted. The biggest lie I was told was to follow my passions. I learned really quickly that the things I was passionate about was keeping me broke even if it was something rewarding. I developed myself into an entrepreneur. I developed certain skill sets and created multiple streams of income by identifying problems I could solve for others. I became a leader. People ultimately will pay you for solving their problems. 

Now let's be brutally honest. There are 3 reasons why you are still living in poverty or even in the middle class. This make feel like a slap in the face or a cold glass of ice water dumped on your head. May it stir up a righteous anger in you. May you swallow your pride and discover what God truly wants for you. This is why you aren't experiencing abundance:

1. You are lazy. 

You work 40 hours a week. You come home and you watch movies. You spend your paycheck. You take the weekends off to "enjoy" the little freedom you have. Instead, you should be developing multiple streams of income. You should be developing your business or ministry. You should be solving problems for the people that can reward you and pay you. 

2. You are content with the little you have. 

You have given into believing the American dream. You haven't really challenged the the way things are. You have a sense of false contentment. The truth is that even if you have $30,000-$100,000 it is not enough to create generational wealth. You are waiting to experience life when you are retired. You are happy with a vacation once a year. You choose how much you earn and are ignorant to the idea that you can make much more.  Success is the implementation of an abundance mindset. Where you have a surplus of things. Excess is good! 

3. You are arrogant. 

Unfortunately this is many of you and you truly need to repent. You have an ego. You don't listen to anyone. You like the way you work and that is why your way is keeping you broke. It's why you struggle so much. You think you can learn things by yourself and that you are going to take short cuts and save by doing things your way. You don't have to try to invent the wheel when there is one already made! You must learn when you are out qualified. Accept it and learn. 

Whenever someone I admire makes themselves available to me I absorb as much as I can. I respect their time. One of my mentors taught me that the most valuable currency isn't money. It's time. How are you living your life? 

Many of you have a God sized dream. Or maybe you receive a prophetic word. Or perhaps you know you are destined to become a millionaire. You pray about it. You decree and declare it. But is won't manifest until you leave the matrix and stop letting others control you. Rise up and be abundant! Begin to prosper! May this article full of truth push you into the abundant life that Christ died for you to enjoy! 

In His love, 

Rene Picota

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