Fresh Oil On Your Head!

Jul 30, 2023

As I was in my room today just worshiping and the Holy Spirit began to pour a fresh anointing on my head. He told me to impart what I was receiving without measure right now. Even as you read this powerful prophetic word, many will receive impartation as you continue to read this. The tears will begin to flow, some will feel fire on their heads, on their hands, on their feet, in their belly. others will feel electricity all over their hands and their body. It has nothing to do with me. It's everything to do with the Master. His name is Jesus and He is baptizing those who desire afresh with the Holy Ghost and with fire. 

Holy Spirit is revealing Himself to you in new ways. He is revealing His divine nature. Get ready to encounter Him in the depths of your heart. He is changing you from glory to glory. You will start loving your new identity in Christ. Your old man is crucified with Christ. Now live! It's time to obey the Lord and answer the call of God on your life.  

God is sending fresh vision to you. He is opening up your eyes to see divine revelation and giving you divine instructions. The anointing flowing right now is even opening up the eyes of those who don't have 20/20 vision. You will no longer need glasses or contacts. Go check! God is doing miracles as you read this. Receive healing in your body right now in Jesus name. 

God is releasing His awesome power upon you to preach the Gospel and fulfill your calling.  You will receive power after that the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Even now a boldness is coming upon you. All fear and timidity is leaving you. You will no longer be afraid. You are serving God not man. You won't care what others think because of the love and appreciation you have for the One who saves your soul. 

God has anointed Amber and I to mentor those who we are called to and launch them forward into their destiny. We have put together a free masterclass for those of you who are serious about this and ready to invest their time, energy, and finances into their Kingdom assignment. You can access here.

There is a divine acceleration hitting your life. What was hard will now be easy. What would have taken a long time will happen very quickly. God is promoting you. Those of you who have been faithful over little will now become faithful over much. God is removing the hinderances and making the path straight for you to walk down. Will you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and trust Him? 

Prophetic Declaration

I see the Lord's hand coming upon your finances. Get ready to experience deliverance in your finances. I command the devil to get his hands off your finances right now in Jesus name! God is breaking the backbone of poverty right now! Abundance is yours! Every blessing is yours. God delights Himself in the prosperity of His servants. Things are shifting in your finances right now! Get ready to receive a harvest for every seed you have sown during the last 36 months! Move in faith with a seed of divine release of $360, $100, $36, $1,000, $3,600, $36,000 or whatever amount God is speaking to you about. God broke the backbone of poverty off of my life with a $100 dollar seed and we were never the same again. Trust the leading of the Holy Spirit today. It's for the Gospel and tied directly to your harvest. I would sow right now under this heavy anointing while it's still flowing. Remember, you can't buy the anointing, or a miracle, or a breakthrough. But you can activate the law of sowing and reaping and receive a prophet's reward and great will be your reward in Heaven and here on earth. Thank you for helping me reach thousands with the Gospel of the Kingdom and touching countless souls with the prophetic that has the power to unlock hearts and turn them back to Jesus. Amen. 


In His love, 

Rene Picota

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