You Can't Get Right Until You Get Real

authenticity healing inner healing pain prayer prayer journal suffering Feb 28, 2020
I grew up in the Church under a "name it claim it", "fake it until you make it" type of ideology, but I realized that that was keeping a lot of people hurting but just hiding it better. You cannot heal from what you won't acknowledge or are in denial of. It's ok to say "I have depression" AND "I believe God heals"..... It's ok to say "I am angry" AND "I am blessed".... It doesn't have to be either/or...... It can be both/and.
You can't get right until you get real. We cannot heal from the traumas that we are in denial of.
I think many of us have been told “God can’t behold sin” or that “Sin separates us from God” to the point where we actually believe that God is offended by the messy, explicit, painful, bitter parts of us. 
On the contrary, throughout scripture we see that we serve a God who: 
  • Leaves the 99 for the 1
  • Will never leave us or forsake us
  • Whose love is inescapable
  • Dines with sinners
  • Is labeled a drunk and a lawbreaker, because of the company he kept
  • Literally created a divine plan to forgive the sins of the world
  • BECAMMMMME sin. 
Yes, fam.. "he who knew no sin became sin that we might become the righteousness of Christ" 2 Corinthians 5:21
IF YOU WANT TO HEAL, IT’S TIME TO GET REAL with God. Quit lying by saying you're good when you're hurting.
God is not afraid of your pain. We are deceived to think we are hiding anything from God anyways. We are naked before Him. The only way to heal is to open the broken parts of yourself to God’s Spirit. 
Very often I meet people who have walls up to keep people from hurting them, and justifiably so. But those same walls they put up to stop people, they’ve yet to take down for God to come in and begin a restorative healing to the hurt and traumatic memories. 
I know someone needs to hear this today. God is good. God is love. God can be trusted with your broken places. God wants to heal you, not harm you. 
He isn’t ashamed of you, nor is he expecting you to have it all together. God wants intimacy with you, not perfection. 
Some of the most powerful prayer sessions I’ve ever had were full of profanity, howls of rage, and deep pain. I have bared it all in God’s presence and he has yet to shy away. In fact when I finished releasing all that pain, I found a peace that was indescribable. 
If you’re full of pain, tell God. If you’re mad at God, tell him. Listen if you’re going to have yourself a hissy fit, there’s no better place to do it than in a place of prayer and raw truth-telling with your Creator. If you feel angry, God already knew so you might as well tell him. 
I pray that this encourages you and inspires you to be brutally honest with God in your times of prayer and intimacy, (*keep scrolling because I have a treat for you at the bottom*) because I really do believe that this type of authenticity with God leads to exponential growth and healing.
Amber Picota

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