American Christians, we need to talk.

politics pro-life prophecy trump victims Jan 11, 2021

Over the past four years, I have watched as ministers that I once respected and admired abandoned the love for Jesus and others that I once witnessed them passionately preach with. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard prophets predict elections and abandon their mandate from God to equip the saints for a political agenda. I tearfully watched leaders that once spoke into my life and have done so much good in the body of Christ begin to bully and mock anyone who pushed back against their political ideals. We the Church have tossed out the love of God, and the love of true righteousness, and we have traded it for an “us vs. them” mindset.


We can no longer discuss nuanced topics such as abortion, immigration, gun legislation, etc. where the other person may have a different take on the topic. Instead we create fear-mongering propaganda in the form of Facebook memes; Instead we perpetuate lies about whoever “them” is. Lies such as “They love killing babies! The lives of the unborn are on the chopping block and depend upon YOUR vote!” etc. I am a pro-life person, but even I know that the best way to prevent abortions and lower the abortion rate is to SUPPORT WOMEN through providing easy access birth control, readily available information on alternatives to abortion such as adoption, or even support after giving birth such as EBT and Medicaid. Due to this, statistically, the abortion rate drops under democrat presidencies. That’s a fact that I, as a pro-life person cannot deny. I have begun to feel like abortion is the one issue that republican leaders dangle in front of us as a carrot, but we’re running on a wheel, insuring that the carrot motivates us to do what they want, while we never obtain the thing we want. I know this much: I want off the hamster wheel. Pro-life people must ask themselves, what is my objective? To elect a pro-life person, or to lower the abortion rate?
But I digress.
Many American prophets and leaders within the prophetic movement, prophesied that Trump would serve two terms as president, and that Trump was “God’s man for the job”. When he was first elected, they asked us to believe that Trump really did love God but that he was a “baby Christian” and that we had to give him time to mature. That never happened though. We did not see Trump’s kindness and compassion raise. Instead we saw the bar in Christian culture lowered as to what a Christian was like. Jesus said that the world would know that we are his followers by our love. And yet, now U.S. politics has invaded the Church to the degree that we’re now being told that if we are followers of Jesus we’ll be pro guns, anti-abortion, and pro Trump (a leader who shows no fruits of the Spirit, who mocks disabled people, who bragged about sexually assaulting women, and is racist). There’s no room for discussion on these nuanced topics. To them it is black and white.
Due to the lack of accountability, and the hunger for power and notoriety, the Charismatic Christian movement in America has had an absolute field day. We’ve churned out books, webinars, sermons, and more… All promoting Trump as God’s Cyrus (I will not give any of them the attention and web traffic they desire by linking up any of these prophecies), declaring that he was called by God to drain the swamp of corrupt politicians. This entire movement was founded on fear of what “they” will do to us, ending abortion, and stopping the democrats. We’ve been told they’ll come take our guns (which is totally untrue, common sense gun legislation will not involve a house to house gun round up). We’ve been told the Republicans will overturn Roe vs. Wade (they haven’t, and as I pointed out before, abortion rates statistically drop under democratic presidencies), and we’ve been told that the Republican Party is the Christian party, despite backing a man who shows no fruits of the Holy Spirit and whose entire presidency contradicts the main commandments Jesus deemed most important: to love God and love others.
Fast forward to the past week, on January 6, 2021, where we witnessed people who are fellow Americans attacking our Capitol. There are posts from social media sites such as Parler where we now have learned this coup was planned. I truly believe there were people who came to DC merely for a rally and a protest, who were unaware that many planned to storm the capitol. I will allow room for that. However, I still say that they are a part of the problem. I even witnessed a particular Christian leader in the Prophetic movement share pictures of himself at the Capitol, telling us not to believe what the media was telling us. Telling us that the protest at the Capitol was peaceful. Meanwhile, we watched live footage of a woman getting shot, Christians putting up a noose and a cross (oh the irony isn’t lost on me). These Christian leaders asked us to abandon our good senses, disregard what the media was telling us (and what people were live-streaming from their phones), disregard the pictures we were seeing that depicted violence that were coming from regular citizens through social media, and believe THEM. That leads me to believe that the leader who was quoted on The Elijah List alongside a picture of himself smiling from the “protest” at the Capitol was either LYING to us about there being violence all around them…. Or that they were so naive and ignorant as to believe that just MAYBE there was violence being incited somewhere outside of their scope of view; Let's say…. In the Capitol building. Because I live a short distance from Washington DC, I’m aware of the layout of the area. It would not be hard to be standing in one area and not realize that on the other side of the Capitol things could be taking place that I cannot see. But at some point this prophetic leader surely discovered that this “protest” was not a protest at all. Surely at some point he became informed that a police officer had been killed and that people actually were calling for Mike Pence to be hung on the noose outside the Capitol. At some point he had to realize this, and yet where is his rebuttal or public apology?
No, we were instead given pieced together social media graphics, saying that all the violence was being caused by the democrats, who paid people to do it… and by Antifa.
We are being asked to abandon reason, be in denial of actual evidence, live stream video footage, so that we can believe this conspiracy theory that Antifa were the ones attacking the Capitol. Let’s be logical here, if it was Antifa, why would Trump issue a statement calling them “patriots” and telling them “I love you”. He wouldn’t. That’s ridiculous, and yet we’re being asked to disregard all of our God given common sense to believe this twisted story.
The prophetic leaders who prophesied Trump’s re-election, and have dug in their heels… They are guilty in this. They created this problem. The Christians who did abandon their God-given common sense, believed their “prophecies”. Then when it did not come to pass, many of these prophetic leaders dug in their heels and said things like “No, Trump actually did win the election, but the democrats cheated and STOLE the election from him.” Let me ask you this: How is it possible to STEAL an election from God, who parted the Red Sea and raised Lazarus from the dead? How? I’ll wait. How did these people dupe God? There is no evidence of this widespread voter fraud that they speak of. Even Republicans have begun to speak out and say that the claims about the election are ridiculous. I’ve yet to have one person be able to show me something even remotely close to proof of corruption in the election causing Trump to lose. And apparently Trump’s lawyers couldn’t either since all 60 of his lawsuits contesting the election results were dismissed.
The prophetic leaders who dug in their heels defending their false prophecy concerning the election are partially responsible for what happened at the Capitol. And they need to repent. Some of them have, but not to the degree that I feel is necessary. You see, there are still Christians saying “Oh no, don’t count Trump out just yet. HE WILL remain our president. He will, mark my words.” This is an exact quote. I’ve asked several of them if they understand what they’re holding onto hope for. Do you understand what it would take for Trump to stay in office? Something akin to a second civil war. Is that of God? Are we fighting holy wars now?
This goes against everything Jesus taught. We are called to LOVE, and somehow that has gotten twisted to the point where Christians carrying a banner with the words “JESUS SAVES” actually stormed the Capitol. This is not the Jesus I serve. This is idolatry. They have created a false idol, and they are serving a graven image of their own making. The true God who revealed himself through Jesus is just not the same god that these people calling themselves Christians claim to serve.
I call upon fellow American Christians to repent and turn back to their one true love, who is our Savior Jesus Christ.
I implore each of you to reach out to fellow believers and tell them that Jesus would not be for this type of violence.
Love is what makes America great. This ain’t it. I ask all believers to pray for peace on the day of inauguration, regardless of your political standings. I pray for the protection of any political leaders who might be a target for violence or assassination attempt. I pray that God would reveal the works of the enemy and that we would have true revival in America where the Church repents and turns to God. Please join me in praying for our nation.

-Amber Picota

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