Kari Browning: A Call To Prophetic Purity

prophecy prophetic insight teaching Dec 13, 2020

I believe that God is using Kari Browning to call prophetic ministers back to a place of repentance. More than ever, the power of the prophetic is needed in the church and in the world. We need prophetic voices who operate with purity and don't allow their emotions or political agendas to pollute what the Lord is really saying. Will the trusted Prophet's of God repent for allowing a lying spirit to fill their mouths or will they remain prideful and lose their influence and become irrelevant to this generation? -Rene Picota, Empower for Life 

Younger people are seeking religious authenticity. They are spiritually hungry but cannot tolerate the Church in its compromised state.

Hypocrisy has been on full display the last four years as Evangelicals abandoned values they once held dear and opted for political power instead. 

Jesus told us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees (hypocrisy) and the leaven of Herod (political power). I believe the Church needs to be cleansed of this leaven or risk the tables being overturned.

Recently, Jeremiah Johnson, who prophesied Trump would win re-election, said: “Either a lying spirit has filled the mouths of numerous trusted prophetic voices in America or Donald J. Trump really has won the Presidency and we are witnessing a diabolical and evil plan unfold to steal the election.”

For months now, I’ve been saying that what we are witnessing in the prophetic movement is 1 Kings 22:22 (where a “lying spirit” filled the mouths of the prophets). In that passage, four hundred prophets told the king what he wanted to hear and only one told the king the truth.

Many well-known “prophets” prophesied that Trump would be re-elected. Instead of humbling themselves and apologizing for being wrong, most are still waiting for vindication and misleading people into believing the election results will be overturned.

It's alarming how many prophecies were being influenced by QAnon conspiracy theories. (QAnon is a far-right organization that alleges that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles is running a global sex-trafficking ring. They believe that this cabal is plotting against Trump.)

After the election, many prophetic voices were voicing the false claims about voter fraud that were being perpetuated by QAnon and President Trump. They believed the lie about widespread voter fraud, although this conspiracy theory was debunked by the head of both the Justice Department and Homeland Security (who were Trump appointees). The courts, many who had Trump appointed judges, threw out the baseless legal cases for lack of merit. Still, the prophets would not apologize.

I believe the prophetic movement has become very cultish. One characteristic of a cult is that it fosters an "us-versus-them" mindset. They bombard their followers with a steady stream of misinformation, divisive rhetoric, and false prophecy.

Even before Trump received the nomination in 2016, I didn’t believe Lance Wallnau’s prophecy that he was a type of King Cyrus. I saw Trump as a type of King Saul. The parallels have proven to be absolutely stunning.

King Saul was a "mad king" who threw spears, built a monument to himself, and believed everyone was conspiring against him.

Saul was jealous and was intent upon getting rid of anyone whom he perceived to be a threat to his throne or who was disloyal to him, including David.

Saul accused virtually everyone of being a part of a sinister plot to bring him down, when in reality it was God who took his kingdom from him and gave it to David due to his own sin. 

Many, like Saul, are going to be disqualified in the coming days if they don’t humble themselves and repent of spiritual pride. 

We read in 2 Samuel 3:1 that “the war between the house of Saul and the house of David lasted a long time. David grew stronger and stronger, while the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.”

We are in a similar war today. The House of Saul will continue to grow weaker and weaker while the House of David will grow stronger and stronger. A “new breed” will arise with purity, power, love, and genuine authority. 

In Isaiah 22:22, Shebna (who was building a monument to himself) was fired and Eliakim (who was a servant and a father) was given the key of David. True spiritual authority will be given to those who make love and purity their goal.

The first thing David did when he became king was to bring back the ark (the presence of God) because they did not seek it during the time of Saul. (See 1 Chronicles 13:2-3) 

It’s time to return to the Lord and learn His ways.


Kari Browning

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