Prophetic Word for October 2021!

ministry miracles prophecy prophetic insight rene picota Sep 20, 2021

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying for October, "I am releasing a river of refreshing in October. The things that were shaky will become solid. A lot of unanswered prayers and questions will be answered. What has been lost will be found. What was broken will be mended. The promises I have given you from many days ago will manifest before your eyes! 

"The next few months are months of preparation. I am preparing you to do a new thing in a new place. I am about to send people into your life to increase your money and increase your influence. Promotions and upgrades are coming. You will see unmerited favor."

I see favor at airports as you travel. I see angels on airplanes. I see favor with legal situations. I see favor with landlords and bosses and those in authority over you. God is about to raise you up. You will pass the test that is before you and you will be recognized and rewarded for your obedience to the Lord. 

The Lord began to show me a new anointing coming upon you. A heavy anointing even as I type this I feel the power of God flowing through this word. The Holy Spirit is coming upon you now. Receive your healing. Receive your release! Receive your miracles! God is about to bless you and mend your broken spirit. I see the depression lifting from you and never returning!

I rebuke the spirit of death off you in the name of Jesus Christ! Be set free!

The stench of death is leaving you. It's leaving your family. It's leaving your home. The abundant life of God is coming to you. It was the enemy that came to steal, kill, and destroy but it was Jesus who came to give you life and life more abundantly! 

Get ready to experience the abundance of God in every area of your life! God is touching your life. He is touching your finances right now! He is touching your work situation. He is touching your marriage and your relationship with your family members. 

Even around October 10, expect an unusual release of the anointing! Dreams and visions will become more more common as the Lord will visit you in the night and early morning hours. You are coming into a season of visitation where the Lord will speak to you about what is to come. Position your heart and get ready to get a divine strategy from the Lord. 

Prophetic Declaration

What a powerful prophetic word! I know you feel that blessed anointing flowing as you read this! Move in faith with a seed of $101.00, $1,010, $10.10, $10,010 or your best seed ending in 10 for John 10:10 and for the Gospel. As you sow your best seed, expect it to get activated by the anointing. The dew of heaven is going to move on that seed and it will sprout and you will receive a mighty harvest! I would sow right now generously, like you never have before! Great things are coming! Things are going to get better and sweeter! I would sow right now while it is fresh on your mind... 



In His love,

Rene Picota

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