Protecting Your Family

family prophetic insight Mar 11, 2016

I saw in the Spirit that many in the body have been attacked by the enemy when it comes to the family. There have been many fights. The spirit of strife has tried to derail you from your destiny. The Lord showed me the word “divorce” and even some leaders in the body of Christ have used the word as threat to their spouse. But I came here today to prophesy to you that the enemies plan to destroy your family is cancelled as you receive this prophetic word. 

The Spirit of the Lord says, " what I have put together no one shall take apart. Even now I am releasing my power upon marriages. Even now I am breaking the chains of lust and immorality off individuals. Today the spirit of lust is broken off spouses. Today I am pouring My grace upon you for freedom. Today the blood of Jesus sets you free. Even from this day forward, there will be a nausea in your stomach when you entertain those things which are sinful. Even when you flirt with others you will suddenly be nauseated. My fire is purging you right now. Even as you read that you felt a heat wash over you. The Spirit of the Lord is doing this to protect your family. For I am causing a deep love to flow to your spouse. This love is coming from Me says the Lord and it will overflow out of the abundance of love and blessings I am about to pour over you.

Everything that is hidden is coming into the light.

It is the time to repent and to come clean. It is time to turn from sin. Don’t try to cover it up. It has to be washed away. It is time to ask the Lord for wisdom. It is time to stop attacking each other. Instead prefer one another above yourselves. Walk in sacrificial love. For as you do this you will win each other to the Lord. Today I am rekindling a deep love that is stronger than death for your family deep within you.

And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” -Luke 1:17

I am releasing the Spirit of Elijah! I am turning hearts today! I am restoring that which was broken. I am causing compassion to fill hearts. As you forgive and show mercy you will be forgiven and be shown mercy to. Now is the time to humble yourselves before the Lord and each other. For I am mending broken hearts. Many who haven’t seen their parents are reading this will begin the journey back home says the Lord. It is time and this is the confirmation you have asked the Lord for.

I am sending the prodigals back home!

Many parents that have not heard from their children in years will suddenly receive phone calls, emails, and surprise visits. I am releasing hope to you today. Even though their hearts may be as hard as stone toward the Lord, they will know My love and it will melt the hardest heart. I am visiting them through dreams and visions.

I will give you the words to heal the relationship. Even those who have not been able to spend the time they wanted with their grand children will be able to. For I am moving upon that situation right now says the Lord. And those who have lied about you will be exposed and I will turn it around. For even the accusations that were made about you will be forgotten. For even now I am removing the bitterness from your heart. Forgive and as you do even the growth and the cancer you have been worrying about shall suddenly leave your body says the Lord.

For I am the Lord and I watch over My Word and I make sure it comes to pass." 


In His love,

Rene Picota

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