This Could Be Why Your Prophetic Word Hasn’t Come To Pass

prophetic insight spiritual growth May 19, 2017
One day as we were standing in a parking lot having a conversation about destiny and the call of God on a person’s life, a friend of mine pulled out a shoe box from the trunk of his car, and he showed me the contents of the box. There were a bunch of cassette tapes in there and many pieces of paper in this box.
(For those of you young ‘uns out there, a cassette tape is what we used to record audio and play music with, before CDs and digital audio recorders. 
As he opened the box and displayed what was inside, He said to me, “You see these?” 
“These are all prophetic words spoken over me. My whole life I’ve been around the miraculous and have been surrounded by powerful prophetic ministries. I’ve been called out with prophetic words time after time after time. Why have none of these come true?”
I normally answer questions directly, because it’s not my style to dodge a question, but this time it was Holy Spirit who prompted me to answer his question with a question.
“What steps have you taken to step out towards any of these prophetic words?”, I asked him.
The answer was that he had done nothing. He went on to say that he reads his Bible and prays. “Isn’t that enough?”, he asked.
The short answer is, no… Most of the time that is not enough.
Having a good prayer life and studying our Bibles should be the most elementary foundation of our walk with God, as a believer. It’s the launching pad.
SOMETIMES when God gives us a word, it has nothing to do with our choices because God plans to bring something around sovereignly, without any action on our part. This is not the norm, however.
It’s also notable for me to mention here the fact that we have to be in God’s timing. Sometimes there is a specific season for a promise to come forward, and we must move forward when the time is right.

The ball is in our court

However MOST OF THE TIME, God gives us a promise or gives us a word, and begins to wait on US to take action on the word. 

For many people who are sitting around waiting on their dreams to happen to them, God is actually waiting on THEM.

What can you do

When God gives you a word about your calling, normally there’s some type of action you can take right away. Obviously if God called you to go to China as a missionary, you probably wouldn’t just leave the next day. Maybe your step of faith towards this prophetic word is to begin researching Chinese culture. Maybe your step of faith is to get the form to fill out for a passport. Maybe your next step is to have a garage sale to begin fundraising. 
Whether God has called you to write a book, go on a mission trip, be a minister who moves in signs and wonders, or any other number of things, what I want you to do is make a list of things that would take you towards that prophetic word that has already been spoken over your life. Go ahead and write down every little thing you can think of, no matter how big or small. No seriously, make the list. For real
After you’ve done this, you will find that you have a good little list there of tangible tasks that YOU personally can do to take a step of faith towards your calling. You don’t necessarily have to write “pray everyday and read your Bible” on the list. We’re going to just assume that everyone is setting aside a time of prayer every day to spend time with God. On this list I want you to write physical tasks such as, “call my pastor and ask if I can teach a Bible study”, “journal everyday for 15 minutes”, “enroll in this course or webinar” or “buy <insert any title of a book here> and read it”.
I believe in the call of God on your life. 
I want you to walk into your God-given calling because together we are advancing God’s Kingdom. 
I am a prophetic person, who loves the supernatural, loves the signs and wonders that God so often does… However I realize that I have to do practical, natural, sometime not very exciting things, in order to walk into the destiny and the future that God has called me to.
Sure, I get to preach on stage with a mic. It may look fun and flashy from the outside, but I put in a lot of work and research to polish my sermons and keep our church running. I have to value my time receiving from God and listening, in order to bring forth messages every week.
I am cheering you on as you move forward into all that God has called you to do.
Be blissed!
Amber Picota

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